Roller & Venetian – Motorized Blinds

Motorization is mainly used for large and heavy blinds, but can also be used to add comfort to your living space by operating five or more blinds at the same time with the press of a single button!

Roller & Venetian – Motorized Blinds

Motorization is mainly used for large and heavy blinds, but can also be used to add comfort to your living space by operating five or more blinds at the same time with the press of a single button!


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Put the control and operation of your blinds in the palm of your hand. When thinking about conundrums such as the height at which a blind must be installed, the weight of a blind, the access to blinds, etc. – motorization is a proven solution! Keeping in pace with technology, you will not only experience comfort, ease of use and add simplicity to your home or office, but also create a child- and pet-friendly environment. SOMFY can also give you the added benefit of connecting and controlling all your window coverings with your smartphone, even if you are on the other side of the globe! SOMFY will also make it possible for you to control several other devices (eg. garage doors, lights, heating, etc.) alongside your blinds!


Motorization does not have to keep the bank manager awake at night! Understanding and supporting the end-user, made us realize that one does not always have to spend enormous amounts of money to experience comfort in your own surroundings. We therefore also introduced a more cost-effective motorization solution for a tighter and more manageable budget. You now have the choice between a market leader such as SOMFY or a pioneering giant such as RAEX – both manufacturing and supporting tested and trusted motorized products.

Somfy - Blinds Factory
Raex - Blinds Factory
Somfy - Blinds Factory

Somfy is the leading global manufacturer of strong, quiet motors with electronic and app controls for interior and exterior window coverings. For 45+ years, Somfy engineers have designed products for both commercial and residential markets to motorize most window coverings. Somfy motorization systems are easily integrated with security, HVAC and lighting systems providing total home or building automation. With this vast experience Somfy has developed an unrivalled choice of solutions including motors, control units, automatic devices and transmission technologies, making Somfy the world leader in Home Motion: intelligent and sustainable movement in residential and commercial buildings.

Somfy® designed for silence
Silence is a key factor in bringing comfort and well-being to your home or office! With Somfy’s commitment to innovation, they make acoustic performance an added value of motorization with their Sonesse® range for residential and commercial buildings. Somfy continues to improve the sound quality of its motors to provide powerfully smooth and silent movement.

Innovation and master sound quality
From design to integration, Somfy’s objective is to provide high quality acoustic performance that is superior and sustainable. Armed with advance research and development tools, Somfy’s global network of highly skilled engineers analysed sound levels. Their research led to the innovation of absorbing noise and vibration inside the motor while considering the contraints of integration without loss of acoustic performance.

Somfy Expert Blinds Factory MotorizedWith our Somfy Expert partnership, ensure that your ultra-quiet motorised products offer the very best performance. Somfy is committed to building long-term partnerships to ensure that you benefit from the very latest advances in acoustic performance for interior motorized solutions.

Our current most popular and top-selling products from Somfy are:


Sonesse 40 at The Blinds Factory

Sonesse 40

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Sonesse WF40 - Blinds Factory

Sonesse Ultra 30 WF 

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Situo 5 Blinds Factory

Situo 5

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Telis 16 The Blinds Factory

Telis 16

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Connexoon Home Automation - Blinds Factory

Connexoon Home Automation

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Tahoma Home Automation

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Raex - Blinds Factory

RAEX INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY started in 1997 and diversified to intelligent motorization systems in 2003. RAEX is a professional supplier that unifies R&D, production and sales of window covering systems and accessories, creating a new era for intelligent smart control and motorized window coverings. As the pioneer of intelligent curtain motors in China and by utilizing modern product technology and excellent quality standards, RAEX has achieved high recognition around the world.


Through extensive technical experience, RAEX continues to adhere to science and technology as a guide and innovation as a fundamental building stone for future development. Their products are well known and has already been used in cutting edge buildings like the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Hotel, InterContinental Hotel Wuhan and the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge (55km long cross-ocean bridge, connecting Hong Kong / Macao to the city of Zhuhai, mainland China).


With precise production, high quality standards and good service, RAEX aims to create smart and silent window covering systems in order to provide an easy and comfortable user experience.


Our current range of RAEX products available are:

TAE45 (TD201)

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YR2116 Blinds Factory


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Our Market

Blinds are used universally as fashionable, effective and stylish window coverings. We can manufacture a blind for nearly every type of window, since our blinds are custom-made to fit your unique window space. Our products are suitable for residential, commercial as well as industrial spaces.

We assist interior designers and decorators, architects, developers and other roll players in the market to give the end user the perfect finish. Our blinds beautifies the windows of thousands of homes, offices, hospitals, hotels as well as large commercial developments and many more.


Our Product Range

Our blinds come in different styles such as venetian, vertical, roller, double roller, roman, dual vision and panel blinds. We offer a wide variety of fabrics and materials in various colours, shades and textures from which you can choose according to the style statement you want to make in your home or business. Expensive, luxurious, elegant, sophisticated and motorized, or more affordable and manually operated, but just as stylish and fashionable.

Our product range also includes elegant, stylish, strong and custom-made security shutters and aluminium security gates.


Our business

Maintenance & repairs

Depending on damages sustained, broken or damaged blinds can easily be repaired or their components (e.g. mounting brackets, individual slats, tilting mechanisms, cord locks, valance clips, cords, cloth tape and ladders, etc.) can easily be replaced.