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Please read the FAQ, maybe you will find the answer. or send us a general enquiry.

  • Our production times are between 5 to 7 working days (depending on current workload already in the factory or possible inquiries from the factory on your order). This production time excludes courier/delivery time.
  • We have representatives in most parts of the country. You are welcome to contact our office and we will gladly assist you with a few contact numbers of representatives in your area.
  • Not everybody is in the position to take their own measurements or know how to do so and that is where the representative will assist you. The representative have our samples available with them on each visit and will assist and advise you on the type of blind, type of fabric or slatting and all other factors to consider for the best choice for each opening you would like to cover. The representative will take the measurements, provide you with a quote and will then also do the installation for you.
  • We often have a sale on some of our products, so please contact our offices for possible deals.
  • As mentioned earlier, the representative will assist you right from the start (with professional advice and choosing the right product and colour for your specific needs) to the installation of the blinds and after service. However, should you wish to order directly from the factory you may do so at your own risk of taking your own measurements and doing your own installation.  We will provide you with courier cost to your location, or you are welcome to collect your order from the factory. All blinds are bagged and boxed, ready for delivery or collection.
  •  Under NO circumstances should you varnish the Wood blinds – it is already coated with a special varnish and applying liquid to the surface of the Wood slat will cause this varnish layer to peel off.
  • We do offer a cleaning service for Venetian Blinds and Verticals Blinds. Should you need to clean any other type of blind, please contact our offices to inquire regarding special cleaning methods.
  • Please refer to the “How To Measure” section under each blind type on the website.
  • Yes, you can choose any colour from our wide collection of Vertical or Panel fabrics or even spice up your Venetian Blinds, by mixing two or more colours in one single blind. You can even go as far as to customize your Venetian Blinds with a different colour ladder and cord or on 50mm Venetian Blinds using ladder tape (20mm wide ladder cloth) instead of normal ladder. So, use your imagination and make your inner feelings come alive.
  • There is unfortunately no product that can completely prevent rust on metal surfaces. The use of silicone spray only allows Vertical or Panel Blinds’ components to operate more smoothly.

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