Dual Vision Blinds

A new and exciting trend – alternating horizontal lines made-up of sheer and opaque fabrics. Moving up and down past one another for open and closed positions, always have a closed window, but a partially open view!


Dual Vision Blinds

A new and exciting trend – alternating horizontal lines made-up of sheer and opaque fabrics. Moving up and down past one another for open and closed positions, always have a closed window, but a partially open view!

  • These blinds are manufactured from an exclusive and stylish range of 100% polyester fabrics, filtering the amount of sunlight, while allowing you full privacy when you need it.
  • The Dual Vision blind (commonly known as the Zebra Blind) is one of the latest window treatments for light-filtering purposes. With its contemporary and stylish look it adds a definite statement to any surrounding.
  • This product utilizes exciting and fashionable horizontal stripes in two layers of alternating translucent (sheer) and opaque fabrics.
  • This blind is very similar in look and operation that a normal Roller Blind. The difference with this product is that it comprises of two layers of fabric on one roller tube. When operated, the front layer of the fabric will move up or down (depending on open or closed position) and the back layer of the fabric will shorten or lengthen at the same time (depending on open or closed position).
  • We advise to stay within the limited sizes of the pricelist. [Max Width of 2700mm and Drop of 3000mm]. These measurements were provided by the manufacturer of the fabric. It might be possible for blinds with long drops to bow (bulge) in the middle and this is NOT a factory fault!
  • A chain safety box is included with these blinds and must please be installed with each blind to keep the chain from touching the delicate sides of the fabric.
  • The bottom of the blind is finished off with a white teardrop-shaped powder-coated aluminium lath. Please note that this product cannot be ordered with a c-track inside a hem.
  • Due to the nature of this blind’s operation it is not recommended for commercial and/or heavy duty use, but only for light domestic use.
  • The semi-blockout range, Stria, cannot block out light completely as a certain amount of light will filter through between wall and side of blind as well as between the two layers of fabric. A room would however be adequately darkened and sun will be blocked out.
  • Please Note: When two or more Dual Vision blinds in one opening are ordered it may not be possible to perfectly align the stripes due to weawing that may differ.



Styles, Colours and Examples

Dual Vision Blinds

Colour Accuracy Policy:
Although we do our best to make sure that the colours printed on our web site are accurate, actual colours will vary. In addition, subtle colour differences and textures may not be fully appreciated on some systems due to differences in monitors and/or display cards. Due to the fact that our products are all custom made, and can’t be returned, you need to be sure that you can live with any colour variations that are possible from our scanning of the actual samples. If an exact colour match is required, then please request a sample before placing your order. Once you receive your sample, keep in mind that all samples may still have minimal colour variations as stated by the manufacturers.

Always use a metal tape measure and NOT a cloth one as these are known to stretch and thus be inaccurate. All blinds are made to specified measurements, therefore we, as the manufacturer, cannot be held responsible for incorrect sizes/dimensions given by the client. Faxed or emailed orders are thus preferred NO verbal or telephonic orders will be accepted. All the sizes should be given accurately in MILLIMETRES. Blinds measurements must be PRECISELY FROM WALL TO WALL – we shall make the necessary deductions ourselves, except if you already know the blinds’ final dimensions in which case you must clearly indicate that fact and no deductions should be made.

  • All measurements in mm
  • Always work on the smallest measurements
  • Measure where the blind will be installed in the opening (reveal / windowsill) – back (closer to the glass); centre (middle of windowsill / reveal) or front (closer to the edge of the windowsill)
  • Always order WIDTH x DROP (HEIGHT) and not the other way around!
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 With the Dual Vision blind, the width of the blind will be the size of the cassette (headrail of blind). For reveal (inside) we deduct 5mm off the width and nothing off the drop, working to a tolerance of 3mm to 5mm. For face fit (outside) we do NOT deduct this last mentioned 5mm of the width.  For both fits (reveal and face fit) we will then deduct a further 20mm for the components and therefore the fabric size will at the end be approximately 25mm smaller than the ordered size for reveal fit and approximately 20mm smaller for face fit.

When measuring for face fit add ±100mm for both width and drop.  Remember that a blind that fits on the outside of a window must hang past the windowsill, therefore add on for extra length as explained above.

This product is currently only available with a 32mm tube and intermediate (connecting) brackets are not available for this product.  If you need the fabric only to be the width of your blind (and not the cassette) to cover the opening, the blind needs to be ordered as cloth size / fabric size and this must be specified as the cloth or fabric width.

Remember to order correct blind size!!


Our market

Blinds are used universally as fashionable, effective and stylish window coverings. We can manufacture a blind for nearly every type of window, since our blinds are custom-made to fit your unique window space. Our products are suitable for residential, commercial as well as industrial spaces.

We assist interior designers and decorators, architects, developers and other roll players in the market to give the end user the perfect finish. Our blinds beautifies the windows of thousands of homes, offices, hospitals, hotels as well as large commercial developments and many more.


Our product range

Our blinds come in different styles such as venetian, vertical, roller, double roller, roman, dual vision and panel blinds. We offer a wide variety of fabrics and materials in various colours, shades and textures from which you can choose according to the style statement you want to make in your home or business. Expensive, luxurious, elegant, sophisticated and motorized, or more affordable and manually operated, but just as stylish and fashionable.

Our product range also includes elegant, stylish, strong and custom-made security shutters and aluminium security gates.


Our business

Maintenance & repairs

Depending on damages sustained, broken or damaged blinds can easily be repaired or their components (e.g. mounting brackets, individual slats, tilting mechanisms, cord locks, valance clips, cords, cloth tape and ladders, etc.) can easily be replaced.